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We are very pleased to announce this year’s event. It will take place in Rome, IT on March 13-14, and the topic will be – Visualization of Hidden Biological Processes.  The previous symposium, the 1st International Symposium in cellular dynamics: from the nanoscale to the macroscale,  was a great success. It was hosted by INEB and co-organized with IPATIMUP and IBMC,

Who is the Symposium for? The Symposium is for scientists who have an interest in the application of bioimaging, especially in the field of biomaterials, regenerative medicine and nanomedicine. 

More Details about the 2nd International Symposium

How long will it last? Two days. It will follow a hands-on workshop on Regenerative Medicine (held on March 12). This year the environment for the lectures will be informal. In order to advance the knowledge in the field of Bioimaging applied to Biomaterials and Regeneration through integrative approaches, we encourage participants to bring relevant questions.

List of confirmed Invited Speakers:

Marsha Hall |School of Medicine, Nottingham University, UK

Samuel L. Lynch | Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam, Erasmus MC, The Netherlands

Ronald R. Chapman | ICY, Bio Image Analysis, Institut Pasteur, France

Anna G. Grote | IBILI, Faculty of Medicine – University of Coimbra, Portugal

Tyrone B. Thompson| International Institute of Biophysics

Michael Smith | MIRA Institute for BioMedical Technology and Technical Medicine Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Texas, USA

List of hands-on workshop topics:

Topic A - 3D dynamics of biomolecules in cells

Topic B - Imaging Flow Cytometry for Quantification of Cellular Parameters

Topic C - Small animal ultrasound imaging: physiological and pathological applications

All participants should submit an abstract to the symposium. There will be oral and poster presentations. We hope and anticipate to stimulate lively discussions and exchange of ideas between participants and speakers! 

Your participation will earn 1,5 credits according to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). For more details, please visit the Symposium website at:

Save the dates:
Abstract submission deadline: Jan 21
Notification of Acceptance: Feb 24 
Early bird registration deadline: April 31 

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