Learn about the Goals and Vision of SEM

The vision of SEM is to bring together the fields of medicine and engineering by creating a platform of cooperation between universities and relevant science institutions.

SEM was created on the idea that in today's highly technological multi-disciplinary health care such a bridge between medicine and engineering is important.  Without this, medical doctors cannot keep up with rapidly developing health care technology and cannot provide their patients with state-of-the-art medical diagnosis and treatment. Equally, without close contact with medical doctors, engineers cannot focus their efforts upon the most pressing medical problems.

SEM's mission brings benefits to medicine, to engineering and hence to the community, by supporting and identifying to medical doctors current and developing engineering contributions and technical developments in medicine; and by identifying for engineers specific medical problems which need to be solved by appropriate technological means. 

The basic objectives of SEM are the following :

  • To promote cultural and scientific exchanges at a North American and European level between engineers (of all disciplines), related industries, and the medical profession.
  • To encourage the creation of research and clinical networks.
  • To reinforce (by wider dissemination of information) potentialities in engineering and medicine.
  • To contribute to the promotion of programmes in the fields of Engineering and Medicine.
  • To participate in specific education and training courses for  engineers and medical and health care workers both in Europe and the USA.
  • To cooperate closely with other relevant international and national organizations concerned with engineering and/or medicine

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