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Latest News

Genetically Modified Bacteria Can be Used for Weight Loss

A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation shows that gut bacteria can be genetically engineered to promote weight loss through appetite suppression in mice. The human intestines contain trillions of bacteria. One of the species that resides in the human gut is E.coli. To create this weight loss promoting strain of E. coli, researchers modified the microorganism's DNA to produce a compound known as N-acylphosphatidylethanolamine (NAPE). This compound works as an appetite suppressant. To test the effect, researchers fed mice with water that contained the modified bacteria. The mice were fed a high fat diet, which would normally make them gain weight. The result was striking. Not only did they mice not gain weight, they also had less appetite, and they did not show the signs of diabetes that the control mice showed. With over half a billion obese people in the world, obesity is now a very common phenomenon which costs the USA alone $210 billion annually in health care. Obesity is a problem of energy balance. Physician-supervised weight loss programs, and even a small number of commercial weight loss programs that have been clinically studied, like Nutrisystem, address successfully the problem of energy balance. They offer doctor-designed low-calorie, low-dense foods which lead to a safe, 1-2lb weight loss per week. Dr. Kahan of Harvard's School of Public Health recommends that if you are an obese patient you should talk to your insurance company about Nutrisystem, or take advantage of a nutrisystems discount code, to join this program at a reduced cost.

Biomedical Engineering: Smart Scale for Weight Loss

Biomedical engineering is a great tool to develop obesity solutions. With the help of biomedical engineering, Garmin has released a revolutionary scale that tracks weight and related metrics. A very useful tool for weight management, this scale measures weight, body fat, BMI, water percentage, muscle mass, and even bone mass. The weight loss giant, Weight Watchers, has expressed its interest in this scale. Specifically, they are now testing in clinical trials to see if their popular online intervention, known as Weight Watchers online, can be more effect with the addition of a scale that will be connected to the program online. Of course the primary outcome measure is increased weight loss. So far, Weight Watchers, has relied heavily on smart marketing strategies, like promotional codes for weight watchers, to penetrate the weight loss market. It now combines engineering and medicine, and uses a smart scale to provide accurate weight loss progress metrics to its customers.

Agricultural Engineering Produces Tomatoes with High Amounts of Antioxidants

The time is coming when a single tomato will have more vitamins and anti-oxidants than red wine. Medical engineering researchers from John Innes Centre in the UK have discovered how to produce tomatoes with extra high concentrations of heart-healthy anti-oxidants. They added a gene into the genome of the plant that encodes a protein called AtMYB12. This protein is known to activate the production of polyphenols, like resveratrol. One single modified tomato contained the amount of cancer- and heart disease-preventing polyphenols found in 50 bottles of red wine! Until this research study leads to mass production of supercharged tomatoes in the market that are good for our diet and health, we can still rely on promo codes for Vitacost to get our daily dose of antioxidants and vitamins.